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Revolutionizing School and Online Education

Taking Astronomy, Space Science & STEM to Grassroots and beyond! SPACE India is registered Space Tutor of ISRO.

SPACE is creating impact through Science and is aligned to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Astronomy is an integral part of everyone’s life and socially impacts everyone. Rockets, Satellites & Applications of Satellites are considered under Skill learning of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. SPACE Education started with an aim to bridge this gap by focusing on hands-on and experiential learning which gives the students the liberty to learn at their own pace and in a way that makes learning FUN, our core philosophy being: I Do = I Learn!! While making students skilled in Astronomy and Space Science, the students are given an opportunity to showcase their skills at National and International Level. Space has inspired 1,000+ Schools and 1.5M+ Students to actively pursue Astronomy, Space Science, Robotics, Drones & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Education.

Discovering the Universe Hands-on!

SPACE’s education programs are contemporary, aspirational and are conducted in collaboration with institutions around the world. While complementing the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, these age- appropriate courses have an interdisciplinary approach that helps in the wholesome development of the student by making them future-ready. SPACE’s flagship School programs include: UITS, Astronomy Club, Workshops & Innovator’s Club.

Start of a new Era in Space Education

Taking Astronomy and Space Science learning Virtual.

The online programs: iAstronomer, Voyager & Summer Camp are the three proprietary programs of Space Technology & Education Pvt. Ltd. Space has engaged 20,000+ students through its online education programs. 

SPACE Technology & Education Pvt. Ltd. (SPACE India) has taught and trained more than a million people around the world since 2001 (Legacy of 24 Years). SPACE also has a proprietary service of setting up Khagolshala- an Astronomy & Space Lab infrastructure exclusively designed for schools. SPACE Education adopts methods that revolve around: Hands-on learning, STEM Inclusion, Multidisciplinary approach, Experiential Learning and Holistic development. The educational programs for students inculcates 21st century skills as these programs have years of research behind them that are curated meticulously for different age groups.

New generation requires better teaching methodology to face and solve the challenges of 21st century. That’s why we have developed teacher training programs and have trained hundreds of educators on how to make learning better and impactful for the students. SPACE Education has developed its own learning platform to make astronomy accessible to everyone around the world bridging the geographical gap and erasing the boundaries. Thousands of people are now a part of this ever-growing community of becoming astronomers. All our programs will soon have AR and VR inclusions that will take learning to a completely different level.

A Marketplace for Astronomy Equipment's

Serving our customers online and offline, with best Astronomical Products offerings and at competitive pricing.

Space Arcade, is the largest multi-channel digital marketplace of quality optics sales for astronomical products that sells Telescopes, binoculars and other educational products like STEM Kits.

Helping our sky observers and learners with quality equipment's

Customer satisfaction is not just a cliché at Space Arcade; it’s a commitment. We also make sure to provide adequate knowledge related to Telescope Handling and Night Observations so Telescopes or Binoculars can be of constant and best use.

Explore a range of products at a click

Astrophotography is a must do activity with these great equipment range.

Space Arcade stands for high quality, excellent value, and an unswerving commitment to customer care and service. The best selection in state-of-the-art optics, at affordable prices, we offer amateur and expert astronomers and outdoor enthusiasts a great variety and service.

We’ve been selling direct since 2004 and always been consistent with our mission to eliminate light and air pollution for best observations. We have highly trained sales and support staff who are knowledgeable about our products and willing and able to help you make an appropriate buying decision, and even assist you after the sale. We’re experienced, informed and, perhaps uncharacteristically in this day and age, available to serve you person-to-person. We have presence Pan India and serve to any location. Space Arcade deals in all major brands of optics, telescopes, binoculars and astronomical equipment’s from across the globe like, Celestron, Orion, Meade Instruments, Sky-Watcher, GSO, KSON etc. and also has a wide range of products developed by its own R&D team, all Made in India products. Be it be Refractors, Reflectors or Dobsonians or Computerized telescopes. All kinds of Altazimuth Mount, EQ Mount, Fork Mounts, Binocular Parallelogram Mount etc.

Accessories are available for all kinds on enhancements in Visual Observation as well as Astrophotography needs.

Astroport Is the Best Holiday and Learning Destination

Universe puts up a new show everyday. Revolutionizing Tourism, Redefining Education.

Astroport aims at imparting basic knowledge on Astronomy and Space Technology, Science & Applications. Open to all age groups with the intent of arousing their interest in the emerging areas of Space activities. Astropport is at the Core of Socio-Economic Developments.

A Disruptive and Unique Concept in Tourism

Preserving dark skies for the observation centers to give best experiences of resort stays and learning activities.  Astroport are a must visit destination for Astrophotography.

Arrive Curious, Depart Amazed

An humbling experience to watch
galaxies and planets.

Innovating hospitality with science at all touch points of customer journey. Visualise the mysterious sky for constellations, planets, Galaxies and etc. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

Tourism is one of the influential sectors that not only contributes towards economic activities but also generates employment opportunities, revenues and plays a significant role in economic development. It provides employment to unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled people.


Considering the importance of local economic development, the concept of “Astroport” by Space, are the first concept based unique tourism destinations in India focusing on experiential learning. The strategically designed serene sites located in the nature’s lap which are far away from the polluted cities with a heavy twinkling sky above, and nearby popular tourist attractions, ensure a totally new blended experience of Amusement, Adventure and Exposure.

Astronomy learning makes it a must visit place for all categories of travelers. Astroport’s are built to provide not only the comforts and facilities of a ‘conventional’ tourist destination but also to help inculcate feelings of exploration and learning through our well researched and well-presented programs/activities.

Immersive Experiences through Metaverse

Revolutionizing Educational concepts with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for better engagement & interaction.

Building an immersive and experiential ecosystem by leveraging the Technology of FYIAR App on books pages. 

FYIAR is a no-coding required App, supported by Cloud CMS platform for AR-Education.

Developing Immersive experiences for building an experiential economy

Building a seamless connection between the virtual and the real world. Revolutionizing the scope of fast and better learning through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Creating a Digital Ecosystem for Sustainability

Explore our Latest NFT Series and avail great benefits of Space!

Space NFT Series “Sky Astro” has great utility benefits and is like a Membership plan for availing benefits from Space Group of Companies.

Curating a better future for youth, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) campaigns will guide the reforms of better education and learning.

The most astonishing part about AR and VR is that its unique every time when a user uses it. 3D Creations are always custom made to topics, and this helps in modifying teaching with better engagement and practical usage.

Our wide range of services also include developing: Social Media Filters, 3D Modelling, AR Applications, VR Content, NFTs and Metaverse developments.

A New Era of Travel and Exploration Is Here

Astronomy and travel are related and stars are always above us. Travel to Astronomy related places or do astronomy while travelling to any location on earth.

AstroTourism invites explorers to travel and dwell into the intriguing and exciting world of space and stargazing. Travel meets education to provide best experiences, trips, friendly booking process, utmost safety oriented, student and corporate curated itineraries. 

Understand The World Better With Astronomy Based Travel

Looking at the sky and wondering what the cosmos holds for humankind. AstroTourism designs astronomy related travel programs for corporates, school and college students with an aim to develop a lifelong interest in space and nature.

Whole New Experiences to Your Trips

Edu-Tours curated for best excursion trips internationally and domestically.

AstroTourism is transforming festivals, events and trips with Astro Themes, Space explorations (i.e. Solar Eclipse), Sky Observations (Star Gazing), Science Centers visits to NASA and ISRO, Astrophotography Trips.

Rejuvenating and inspiring people from what they can see and what they can photograph. Embrace the journey of AstroTourism and grow with it. We have successfully traveled 5,000+ students and numerous school groups internationally for memorable experiences. 

Our team of experts are equipped with best Astronomical equipment’s, Space knowledge and itinerary plans that make trips fun and memorable. We are the favorites in this competitive space and most reliable school partners for responsibly traveling the school groups. Some of the most iconic events of AstroTourism was the Bihar – Solar Eclipse “Taregana” where 200,000 People observed the eclipse, and other being the Messier Marathon that travels hundreds of people in one batch.

Empowering Life Through Science

24 Years of Popularising Space Science and Astronomy For Sustainable Development

Space Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was established for the purpose of helping the community. We have been popularizing Astronomy and Science in India through path-breaking concepts, services, and programs. Space has pledged 1% of annual Group Sales towards Welfare initiatives like Women empowerment, Grassroots Education, etc.

Every project we conduct is an opportunity for us to eradicate false divisions based on caste, creed, and race and to propagate a reason and science-based behavior in humans.

SPACE Foundation established 20 Khagolshalas: Astronomy and Education Labs in collaboration with Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India with the vision of empowering youth with tools and technology to become scientists and astronomers. Students from JNV have made 384 preliminary discoveries under the Khagolshala Asteroid Search Campaign (KASC) in collaboration with the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) funded by NASA, JPL.

Giving Back to the Society

Teaching Science
at grassroot levels to all in need.

‘It is the fundamental duty of all citizens to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform’. – Article 51A (h), Constitution of India

SPACE has been changing the face of Science and Astronomy awareness, education, and innovation in India through path-breaking concepts, services, and programs. We are constantly striving to use these programs to foster scientific temperament in society. The ultimate intention is to create an intelligent, analytic, and space-savvy global community who will be the future leaders in man’s exploration of space and the universe, in a world that is rapidly heading to a space-age.


SPACE’s core purpose is to imbibe scientific temperament in humans, create job opportunities, contribute towards socio-economic developments across the world. We are building a community where there is equality between genders. Space Foundations’ outreach events help in philanthropy and NGO collaborations for an active push towards the welfare of people.