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SPACE Group of Companies is an amalgamation of Education, Experiences, and Innovation sitting at the cusp of a great scientific revolution. Space has been revolutionising Education and Tourism sector through Astronomy and Space Science while making it accessible to every human on Earth. Space Group’s mission is to inculcate scientific temperament across the world and has been relentlessly creating world-class content for the best education and experiences. Space is on a pursuit each day to provide the right Education, Equipment, and Ecosystem. Since year 2001, Space has inspired +1.5 Million students, engaged +1,000 schools and is actively popularizing the concept of AstroTourism worldwide. SPACE India, a registered Space Tutor of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), is creating impact through Science and is aligned to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Journey of Space

24 years of passion and innovation

Space Making An Impact Since 2001

Exploring universe one strand at a time.
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